Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews (PSR’s)

Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) are required by the Ministry of Labour, in the Province of Ontario.

Dynamic Racking providews comprehensive Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews (PSR’s) to insure your industrial steel racking structures are compliant with Section 7 of The Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act for Industrial Establishments.

What we provide:

  • Rack capacity evaluations, Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSR’s), of new and used racking as required by the Ministry of Labour for all installations in Ontario
  • Inspection of pallet racking systems, including cost effective repairs
  • Provide repairs and or replacement of pallet racking if required
  • Approval of rack repairs and modifications
  • Building permits for racks, including slab on grade floor evaluations, egress analysis, fire protection analysis, and structural approval
  • Design and supply permits for raised storage platforms, industrial shelving and pallet rack storage systems
  • Annual inspections by implementing and maintaining a Racking Inspection Program

When you choose Dynamic Racking as your warehouse storage solution provider, you will be supported through every step of the process, from planning and design to implementation and follow up.